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Is your son between 8-15 years old? Is he starting to come up against new challenges that you'd like him to navigate with full confidence? Perhaps his dedication to school isn't all that it could be? Perhaps he's starting to go through angry phases and feels a little lost.. Or maybe he's having a hard time to make & keep the right group of friends at school? Whatever new challenges your son might be facing, these are common occurances that all Boys (especially Black Boys) have been through. In her second book, Angelica Brown - 3x time Mother to 2 teenage girls & one son - expertly guides the next generation through 100+ things that every young black boy should know & do. In this hotly-awaited new book, here's just a fraction of what he'll discover inside: Expert insights into navigating Male Friendships, First Relationships with Girls & Communication Skills The #1 secret for exam preparation & good grades - Page 65 Key tips for staying safe on the internet (how to stop scammers & other bad actors) Discover how to speak about his emotions, avoid peer-pressure & how to stand up for himself! 4x Top self-care tips (from shaving to eating healthy, and all things personal hygiene) The most effective method for reducing social media usage & screen-time - Page 87 Discover the top NEWEST career paths to consider, in booming industries like A.I - Page 81 And much, much more! So, no matter whether you'd like your son to learn how to do the household chores (Haha!) or to learn how to start saving and investing money - this book has more than 100 hand-curated tips on navigating the challenges that every Black Boy faces during his growing-up years. If you're ready to see your son effortlessly evolve into his best self... Scroll up & click "Add to Cart" now!
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