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A Goat Called Billy by Teri M. Bethel

A Goat Called Billy is just one of the best kid stories in this collection of colorfully illustrated children’s storybook by Teri M. Bethel. Why do kids bully? This Bahama Kidz Edu-Fun Books Series encourages children to be kind to themselves and to others to avoid bullying and mistreatment of themselves. See how: Billy lets the teasing kids know that sticks and stones do hurt, and Bert the bully has a change of heart from being naughty to nice. After losing so many teeth to sweets, Joseph decides to be kind to himself by brushing his teeth. As for old lady Myrtle … well, let’s just say the dear lady may need to have her eyes checked. Your child will love these fun stories and you will love how this book reinforces the soft skills being taught at home. Get your copy today!
Genre: Children's
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