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A House for a Mouse by Lisette Starr

A delightful rhyming story with fun illustrations and a great positive message! A great read out loud picture book to help teach your kids about kindness. A book they'll love reading, and you'll love reading with them! "One thundery night I was cosy and warm, under the covers and safe from the storm. I was lying awake counting sheep in my head, when I heard something moving under my bed. Suddenly I was trembling with fear. Could there be a monster about to appear? Then I heard it again, that scuttling sound. It was so scary it made my heart pound!" A delightful story with bright, fun illustrations and a great positive message! "A House for a Mouse" is a bright, fun way for younger children to learn about friendship, kindness and generosity. When a young boy hears a noise under his bed, he fears there may be a monster about to appear. But it isn't a monster, it is a little mouse looking for somewhere warm and dry to spend the night. Combining wonderfully vibrant illustrations with the power of rhythm and rhyme, "A House for a Mouse"is a perfect bedtime story and a must read for kids starting their reading journey. "RED BEETLE BOOKS" Following in the great tradition of moral tales, Red Beetle Books are designed to teach important life lessons in a fun and entertaining way.Exploring subjects like sharing, kindness, friendship, understanding differences, facing challenges and adapting to change, Red Beetle Books will help your child develop their emotional intelligence, while fostering a life long love of books and reading. This book is for suitable for children from 3-8 years. If you're looking for fun books with a great message, (that your kids will actually want to read) check out the whole series. Look for these other RED BEETLE titles now... "Horses For Courses" -on adapting to change, and developing resilience. "Shog's Best Friends"-on friendship and diversity. "The Cribbledy Crank" (or how to train an angry bug)- on mindfulness and anger management. "Where's My Bear?"- on sharing and generosity of spirit. "Frogs In Space"- on finding good where ever you are, developing a positive, resilient mindset. ***Visit our website, like us on Facebook and Instagram, join our mailing list, follow us on twitter and be the first to know when new titles are released.
Genre: Children's
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