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A New Day For Cray by G Pa Rhymes

Cray the Crab likes to pinch his friends, but they don't like it much at all! Introduce your child to learning, friendship, and kindness with A New Day for Cray! Follow the story of Cray the Crab, a pinchy and pushy little crustacean who learns the hard way about the importance of friendship. Can Cray the Crab's friends help him learn the value of friendship and what it means to be kind? Through the help of his friends Fay, Ray, and Hay, Cray discovers that friendship isn't about pushing and pinching but instead being kind, generous, and understanding. Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written, this charming book is full of rappin' and rhymin' and sure to bring plenty of giggles and smiles while teaching children valuable lessons. Ideal for bedtime stories or anytime you're looking for a heartwarming story to share, this entertaining and educational tale of Cray the Crab will captivate young minds and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. A New Day for Cray is the perfect addition to any child's or classroom library- grab your copy and join the fun today!
Genre: Children's
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