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A Place For You And Me by Ashley Scott

A Place for You and Me encourages kids to get creative, use their imaginations, and find the magic in what surrounds them! Encourage your little to use their imagination as they dive into the fun and colorful world created by our main character, all within her bedroom! A Place for You and Me features a little girl and her favorite teddy bear, venturing out into the world of pretend-play she has created for them using things she finds around the house! It's a great tool for parents to engage little ones to help them learn how to get creative and find the magic in their space, creating fun memories using the things around them! Kids & grown ups can join in on the fun together with the activities included at the end of the book - create your own map of pretend places you'd like to visit, count the hidden teddy bears, & have a scavenger hunt around your house looking for items from the story!
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