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A Videogame Stole My Sister by Justin M. Stone

Age Level: 8-12 For kids who love video games, written by a former videogame writer! Lucas is like every other tween in that he just wants to have fun with his friends and get the ultimate score on his VR game. Racing, ninjas, undead, and a zombie king? No problem! But problems galore find him when he leaves the game for a minute only to find that it somehow took his sister! Now he has to find a way in, race and battle all those creatures he only ever dreamed of facing, and hope he can find his sister in time to save her. Little does he know, she's having the time of her life, and they might just have the best adventure anyone's ever had. What follows is an epic survival adventure filled with racing, dungeons, zombies, and more! Kids who enjoy videogames, hop on in. Justin wrote on Marvel properties and Minecraft: Story Mode, and loves inspiring readers.
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