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AI… Meets… AI by Amber Ivey

Unleash the magic of friendship and learning in "AI... Meets... AI," an enchanting children's book that sparks curiosity, empathy, and responsibility. The story follows a young, imaginative girl, Addy, and Jaz, a learning AI, as they navigate the bustling city of Baltimore. They explore museums, enjoy birthday parties, help others, and even dance in the rain, turning everyday adventures into unforgettable lessons. This captivating tale, perfect for 4-8-year-olds, blends the wonders of technology with valuable life lessons. As Jaz learns about human emotions and societal responsibilities, young readers will be equally engrossed, expanding their understanding of empathy, friendship, and environmental care. A fun, educational read, it promotes an early interest in STEM fields, particularly technology, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, encouraging children like Addy to dream big. "AI... Meets... AI" is not just a book; it's the start of a fantastic journey full of discoveries and shared learning. Embark on this extraordinary adventure today, and inspire a lifelong love of reading and learning in your child.
ISBN: 979-8398261042
Genre: Children's
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