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Am I Happy? by Shahar Weisberg

"Both simple and beautiful." "Oh, yeah! We needed that!" A joyful and imaginative children’s book about happiness. True happiness isn't achieved by acquiring what we lack but by acknowledging and valuing what we already possess. Our cute little girl was sad as her teddy bear neither danced nor sang. So, she went on a quest to find a better teddy bear, which hopefully would make her happy. Along the way, our little child learned she didn’t have to travel far away - She already had whatever she had ever wished for. It is just one click away! About "My Way" children's books We present inspiring children’s books for the entire family. Each book is full of imagination with vibrant illustrations and includes an important message for your child about self-esteem, courage, family, friendship, and more. We wish to hear from you :) You can also enjoy our other wonderful books: Back Home The Unique Beetle Buster’s Journey The Dream Protectors The Contented Tortoise Our coloring books: Color Your Dream: The Dream Protectors Coloring Book Buster’s Journey Coloring Book
Genre: Children's
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