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ANNA and THE SNOW GLOBE by Vicki Jones

A magical story to help children understand and overcome anxiety. Vicki is an experienced psychotherapist who has worked over the years with many young people suffering various anxiety disorders. She has found many of these anxieties have been the result of feeling unworthy or even being victims of bullying. Anna and the Snow globe is the story of Anna, a young girl who is lonely and bullied. The main bully becomes very jealous when David a boy she has secretly adored befriends Anna. The magic of an angel in a snow globe David gives to Anna allows glimpses of the future giving her the opportunity to change her life. While providing a magical tale of hope and excitement the book also explains not just why overwhelming feelings of anxiety manifest but how. Most importantly it also provides strategies to manage and eventually overcome it. Vicki's approach has helped children overcome their anxieties and empowered them to handle conflict assertively, which generalises into everyday life situations. The mother of grown-up twins Vicki lives in Warwickshire. She is passionate about the well-being of children and has provided help to many children in primary and secondary education.
Genre: Children's