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Art Monster by Tevin Hansen

Time to get creative with the Art Monster! A fast-paced, action & adventure chapter book series for children aged 8-11. (A must-read for fans of Magic Tree House.) Uncle Larry’s Antique Shop & Junkyard is a magical world where everything has a price--and the magic is in the learning. In this junkyard adventure, Eli and Grace visit BIG Art Studio. The store is having a huge sale! After Uncle Larry sells an antique perfume bottle for five bucks (estimated value: $2500), it’s time to send Eli and Grace on their junkyard adventure. This time the only “magic junk” they receive are two old paintbrushes -- one for each of them. But once they step through the junkyard door, the magic (and the mess) begins. After a tour of BIG Art Studio (filled with monster-sized creations), Eli and Grace learn different art techniques from Arlo the art monster. But getting back to Uncle Larry’s store will be tricky. Eli and Grace will have to work together and use their magic brushes to paint themselves out of an endless canvas -- “Once you begin your must finish it. No matter what.” Don’t miss the teachers' favorite, parent-approved and kids' choice series, Junkyard Adventures. The adventure starts here - order now with one click for Kindle or print!
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