Awaken a love of reading with "Beary and the Blue Backpack," a thrilling ride that teaches kids to explore and enhances their education in science, math, and travel. Kids love to learn, and with this book, there is always something new to discover. In "Beary and the Blue Backpack," you'll meet Evan, a spirited boy with a special friend named Beary, his beloved teddy bear. Evan takes Beary everywhere, but there's one little problem - Beary keeps getting lost. When Beary vanishes, panic sets in as Evan's family fears the worst. But what Evan and his family learn is that Beary is off embarking on remarkable adventures of his own, exploring new worlds, and making amazing discoveries. And, somehow, he always manages to find his way home. Join Beary on a thrilling interactive adventure that not only captivates young hearts but also imparts the invaluable lesson of the joy in exploration. The drawings are captivating and the story is engaging. But it's the plot twist at the end that will delight children and adults alike. "Beary and the Blue Backpack" is part of the One Big Word series that helps kids grow their vocabularies, which is one of the most important markers for future success.
ISBN: 979-8988649472
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