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Burger Planet by Shivangi Sharma

Burger Planet: A Funny Picture Book for Kids About Teamwork and Friendship for Ages 6-8 (Hungry Way Series Book 1) Deliciously Unique World: Explore Burger Planet in the Hungry Way, where everything, from stars to planets, is made of food! Colorful Characters: Meet Lander Lettuce, Chatty Patty, Tiptoe Tomato, Justin Mustard, Clara Cheese, Bosshead Bread, and Catcher Ketchup. Teamwork and Friendship: When a big fight breaks out and Chatty Patty leaves, Burger Planet falls apart. Clara and Bosshead must remind everyone how important they are and show that teamwork makes the best burger. Lovers of kids picture books will enjoy the bright illustrations Puns and Jokes: Packed with laugh out loud jokes and puns that will keep young readers giggling. Perfect for fans of funny books for kids and humor books for kids. Fun Activity Games: Enjoy exciting activity games for kids at the end of the book, perfect for keeping them entertained long after the story ends. Join the fun and adventure in this humor-filled picture book, ideal for fiction books for kids lovers. "Burger Planet" is a delightful addition to funny kids books and picture books for kids, sure to be a hit with young readers!
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