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CALICO KITTY by Ray Cataldo

Cali is the runt of the litter, born a feral cat in the woods. Being curious and adventurous, she wants to find her independence as soon as possible against the advice of Gray Kitty, who is the oldest and believes he is the wisest. Eventually, Cali is captured and goes to cat rescue. She is checked out and sent to foster care with Gray's kitty, who was captured a few days earlier. She was taught to beware of big people by Mama Cat but loves the people at foster care until Gray tells her she heard she is being adopted and will be leaving. The foster care people are very dedicated to finding the right home for the kittens and schools parents and children how to care for a pet. Cali is adopted and moved to a new home where she meets Cesca, a very large calico cat that is not happy with the new arrival. Cali goal is to make Cesca like her and play with her. She loves her new home and family. Cali is always getting in and out of trouble throughout the story.
Genre: Children's
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