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Cats Don’t Like Dinosaurs! by Andy Wortlock

It’s time for us to sneak behind these prehistoric doors. So you can get a glimpse of why, cats don’t like dinosaurs! Hold onto your whiskers, because in Cats Don't Like Dinosaurs! our favorite little cat is going back to meet the dinosaurs! From award-winning and bestselling author Andy Wortlock and whimsical illustrations by Nahum Ziersch, this book will once again have the little ones giggling, roaring and purring with delight. So snuggle up and get ready for a time-traveling adventure like no other! Get your little prehistoric paws on a copy now! Other books in the award-winning series: 1. Cats Don't Like That! (Winner - 2023 Feathered Quill Award - Best Children's Picture Book) 2. Cats Don't Like Christmas!
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