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Charlemaine and the Airplane by Jean-Pierre Louise

From the first moment he saw an airplane, Charlemaine knew he wanted to fly. There was just one small problem: "NO CATS ALLOWED!" Charlemaine just loves airplanes. He even lives at an airport to be around these wonderful machines. However, he repeatedly gets kicked out of the hangars, training halls and airplanes over and over again. Why? Simply because he is a cat. He is determined to learn how to fly and refuses to give up. He clings to his dream, but with all the odds against him, will he ever get to a pilot? Charlemaine and the airplane is a delightful and inspiring story perfect for young dreamers aged 4-10. Fasten your seatbelts for heartwarming tale about perseverance when no one else believes in you or gives you a chance. Join Charlemaine to find out what becomes of his dream when the unexpected happens.
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