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Emery Fogg Takes to Magic by Brian Clopper

Emery Fogg has lived in her sister’s shadow all of her rather miserable fourteen years. Leyena is allowed to use magic, Emery is not. Leyena is adored by all in the town, Emery is not. Their own mother praises her oldest, but not poor, unremarkable Emery. When she foolishly winds up in the dreaded Bracken Ruins, she dooms her mother and sister to a horrible demise. Distraught, she remains convinced that her family didn’t actually perish. When a dark mage arrives claiming he is willing to take her on as his apprentice, she knows it must be the way to uncover her family’s true fate. Shadow magic doesn’t come easy, and there’s always a price. Is Emery willing to pay even more for the truth? A bold start to an enchanting new fantasy trilogy! Come visit a world of warp dragons, menacing magic, and vexing balls of light that spell disaster whenever they come on the scene.
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