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Feathers From Above by Kathleen Davis

A heartwarming story about how guardian angels are always nearby leaving feathers from above. Inspired by the author's daughter finding feathers throughout her life and proclaiming that “the feathers must have fallen from her Guardian Angel,” Feathers from Above, highlights children going about their day, and finding feathers that have been sent from God. “Your angel is there with all of God’s love, through morning and night sent from above.” Written in rhyme, this book provides comfort for all children (and adults) in knowing that each of us has our own Guardian Angel that is sent directly from God. It is a beautiful guide to help kids remember that they are loved and protected. The feathers serve as a poignant symbol that we have nothing to fear and that our Guardian Angels are with us at all times (even through the bad). Sometimes the most random spot isn’t so random after all. Where will a feather appear next? Why readers will fall in love with Feathers from Above: Uplifting - helps all children feel safe and is filled with a positive message that will linger in your hearts long after reading Encouraging - fosters resilience and illustrates how children and adults can navigate life better knowing there is a guardian angel sent from God that is by their side Inspirational - these special symbols from God provide a sense of comfort through good times and bad Inclusive - all children are represented in this book which fosters a sense of belonging Feathers from Above is a 2023 Christopher Award winner for Books for Young People.
Genre: Children's
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