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Guess what? Even dinosaurs need to hit the hay after a long day of stomping around! "Goodnight, Goodnight, Dinosaurs" is the perfect bedtime buddy, taking your kiddo on a snuggle-up adventure with some of the coolest dinos they've ever met. See why bedtime's a big deal, even for the huge, roar-y dinosaurs Hang out with all kinds of dinos, from the big T-Rex to the chill Brontosaurus Discover how every dino has its own way of getting ready for bed—because hey, we're all a little different, right? Learn about kindness and taking care of each other as these dinos tuck in for the night Dive into a world where bedtime looks like a bunch of awesome illustrations that'll make your little one dream of dino adventures This book's like the secret sauce for making bedtime something your kids will actually look forward to. It's fun, it's sweet, and it's packed with dinos—what's not to love? ***** "Our nightly must-read. It’s got dinos, it’s got bedtime—my kids are obsessed." - Morgan ***** "Turns bedtime from a battle into the best part of the day. Plus, dinosaurs!" - Riley ***** "The art? Gorgeous. The dinos? Adorable. My review? Get this book." - Casey ***** "Sneakily educational and totally soothing. Who knew dinos could be so calming?" - Alex Perfect for toddlers and any kid who thinks dinosaurs are just the coolest (so, basically every kid), this book is a game-changer for bedtime. Whether you're a parent tired of the bedtime blues or a teacher looking for a cute way to talk about dinosaurs, "Goodnight, Goodnight, Dinosaurs" is your golden ticket. Ready to turn bedtime into a dino-mite adventure? Toss "Goodnight, Goodnight, Dinosaurs" into your cart and get ready for some seriously fun dreams.
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