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Ink & Incantation by E.V. Everest

Have you ever wished you could fall into the magical libraries of Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, or Sorcery of Thorns? We have, too! Join us inside the enchanted pages of Ink & Incantation, a young adult anthology featuring sixteen sci-fi and fantasy short stories. All celebrating the magic of books and libraries! Inside you will find stories of love, adventure, and extraordinary magic. Starcrossed lovers meet in the world's last remaining print library. A girl is claimed by a sword. Thieves race to find a powerful book. Best friends seek an audience with the dead. Twin witches learn one must die. Can they escape their fates? It won't be easy with dragons, pirates, and the underworld itself standing in their way. But with a book in their hands, anything is possible… Authors Featured in Ink & Incantation E. V. Everest, Allison Rose, Ben Green, C.L. Cannon, Jamie Dalton, Jessa Lucas, Joy Lewis, K. R. S. McEntire, Kristen S. Walker, Maria Vermisoglou, Nicole Zoltack, R. L. Medina, R.L. Perez, S. R. Breaker, Sudha Kuruganti, Tricia Copeland