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It’s Okay by Dynamic Kids Press

Fun, Exciting And Engaging Story Teaches Young Children Social Emotional Skills, Self-regulation And Gives Them Insights Into Their Feelings. With 1 main story, 14 different emotion, body cues, emotion cards and coloring pages this book is a complete package for anyone who wants to teach social emotional skills to their kids. Here is what the book contains: 1 - Main Story: IT’S OKAY is a story of a kid Michael, a young boy with a big heart and even bigger emotions. The trouble is, keeping all his emotions under control isn’t always easy. Then Michael finds the strangest looking watch he’s ever seen. It has no numbers and no dials, but it does contain an Emotion Master—a guide to his emotions and how to master them. Can Michael take the Emotion Master’s advice and learn how to deal with his emotions before he lets them get the better of him? 2 – 14 Different Emotions: Fourteen different emotions follow the Michael’s story, offering readers choices on how to cope with their emotions in real-world situations, helping kids understand the power of choice. Read these short different emotion stories and discuss with your child how a positive and a negative choice will shape their day. By reading these short emotion stories you’ll be able to empower kids to make positive choices while demonstrating the natural consequences to negative choices. 3 – Body Cues and Emotion Cards Emotion cards and body cues helps kids recognize, understand, and manage emotions. It also helps them build appropriate vocabulary to express their feelings in a healthy way. 4 – Coloring Pages Coloring helps kids improve motor skills, encourages patience, boosts confidence, and helps with color recognition. This is a must-have book for parents, teachers, counsellors, and therapists to help teach kids about anger management, emotions, and feelings in a fun and engaging way. Order Your Copy Now!
Genre: Children's
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