In the critically acclaimed book, "Kids' Guide to Safe Online Communication With Others: Kids' Online Safety Tips Series" by Dr. Feliks Kravets, young readers are introduced to the essential world of online safeness. This captivating and easy-to-understand guide deep dives into the topic of the internet and how to communicate safely and prudently online - a dire necessity in an inter-connected world. Dr. Kravets, a renowned expert on children's psychology, uses an engaging and nurturing approach to tackle important long-standing issues like cyber bullying, the revealing of personal information and the complex world of social media etiquette. Without overwhelming the reader, he clearly nuances how the internet can be a powerful tool if used correctly. With vivid illustrations and relatable anecdotes, the book takes children on a journey through the digital world, equipping them with concrete tools to maintain their privacy, respect necessary boundaries, respond to online strangers and build healthy relationships with their peers. It also addresses the tricky world of digital footprints and how to cultivate a positive online presence, a valuable add-on in today's age. Parents will appreciate how "Kids' Guide to Safe Online Communication With Others" encourages an open dialogue about the realities of the digital realm, dispelling fears and fostering understanding. It effectively helps children understand the pros and cons of using the internet, proving itself an essential conversation starter for families about how to stay secure in the vast world of technology. Coupling practical advice with hard-hitting facts, the book subtly allows children to grasp the seriousness of the subject, making it a compelling read that resonates with both children and parents. "Kids' Guide to Safe Online Communication With Others" is not just a book; it's a guide to navigating the daunting yet exciting world of the internet. In a world where online communication dominates our daily life, this book by Dr. Kravets is a must-have for every young netizen and their parents. It is an admirable addition to every child's reading list and an urgent call for adults to empower the next generation with safe online practices.
ISBN: 979-8325454141
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