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“Remember, Leo, true courage isn’t about not having fear. It’s about facing what scares us.” – Grandpa Victor There is always a little magic in Grandpa Victor’s stories, but when Grandpa’s most fantastic tale transports his grandson, a helpful 8-year-old boy named Leo, to the magical and whimsical parallel world of Alpha Dimension, they could never foresee the adventure and new experiences awaiting the slightly nervous young hero. In a beautiful land of pink sparkling mountains and three huge, shining moons, Leo finds the courage to face his fear of heights, and take flight with the help of a majestic Fenix, who gifts him a magical feather—and a special friendship. However, Leo is not the only one with a secret fear, and when they fly over a baby animal in distress, it’s Leo’s turn to help his new friend Valandar to be brave… Leo James and the Magical Fenix Feather is an inspiring children’s story picture book for kids and vibrantly illustrated fantasy kids book full of adventure and friendship—one of the great fiction personal growth books for kids. It takes young readers under its wing, teaching kids that true bravery is about facing their fears… and true friendship means helping their friends to do the same! Page Up and Order Now. Pick up one of the most delightful new fantasy adventure books for kids today!
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