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Let’s Grow on an Adventure by Lauren Mosback

“Playing in nature has helped me to see what I needed was already inside of me!” Young Jay is filled with worrisome thoughts and doubts, his mind always racing with what ifs and I can’ts. One special day, small sparks of confidence and curiosity flicker within him, inspiring him to try something new and head outdoors with his dog, Jasper. As Jay meets tiny insect creatures, frolics through fields, and breathes in flowers, his worrisome thoughts grow smaller and smaller. He finally feels joyful and at ease, exclaiming, “I’m feeling so glad to be me!” *** By following alongside Jay and Jasper’s adventure, kids will learn the benefits of getting outdoors, slowing down, and appreciating the beauty of the world around them. BONUS: At the end of the story, you’ll also find kid-friendly activities and educational facts, making it perfect for use in home, school, or therapeutic settings, including: Interactive, nature-based mindfulness, gratitude, and affirmation exercises Fun facts about the benefits of nature A surprise bonus activity! Come along with Jay (and Jasper!) and help kids grow their courage, confidence, and self-esteem!
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