Life Lessons of Lucy Lu by Gwen Kelly

“Mama, wait! You forgot me! Please don’t go Mama! Please don’t leave me here!” Lucy Lu cried out. “Why are you leaving me?” OH, NO! Even though Lucy Lu was an adorable, happy puppy who loved to be with people, her Mama abandoned her at an animal shelter! After a cold and scary night outside at the shelter, Lucy Lu was welcomed in by the nice lady that worked there, and she met a new dog friend that taught her how to be a good dog and get adopted. But Lucy Lu was still very afraid that she would have to live in a kennel forever… and she wouldn’t find a family to love and play with! And then one beautiful day, finally, a happy, kind woman named Gracie visited Lucy Lu at the shelter… Life Lessons of Lucy Lu is a beautifully illustrated dog book for kids and a great gift for any dog lover. Even reluctant readers will want to find out who rescues the cute talking dogs from the animal shelter! This empowering book for children also teaches kindergarten and elementary school-aged children to be caring, take care of abandoned animals, and to make a difference in the lives of people and animals! “Oh, Lucy Lu,” Gracie said. “You are perfect. You are the one. I would love to adopt you and be your new Mama. Would you like that?” Ideal children's book for readers 4 to 9.
ISBN: 979-8390728352
Genre: Children's
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