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Life Skills For Tween Girls by Aniela Publications

While Everyone Else Is Figuring Out How to Grow Up, Are You Ready to Glow Up?! Hey, bestie! Have you been overwhelmed thinking about the future and all the questions swarming around your mind on top of all of the changes you’re going through? Maybe you’ve been wondering about the changes in your body and keeping it low-key because you didn’t know if anyone else was going through similar things. Or, maybe you’ve felt like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders with all of the new life skills you need to learn before you become a teenager! It might seem like everyone else has all the answers. Like how to manage stress and anxiety, how to do well in school, manage money, organize, use social skills, and become responsible and independent. But, did you know, a lot of that stuff is SO EASY once you know how?! And even better than just knowing, I’ll give you the low-down on how to do stuff that even most adults don’t know about! So you can glow up in EVERY area of your life and be THAT girl! Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover: Boundary-setting mastery and how to send peer pressure packing How to realistically and easily crush your goals with this unique system you’ve never heard of before! Time-management hacks so that you won’t be the girl doing her homework on the way to school! Why you might unknowingly be using expired products every day and the mystery symbols you didn’t catch! Dopamine decor mastery and secrets to a super cozy creative space! The easy trick to make what you learned in class stick in your mind in ways you won’t believe! What could be zapping your brain’s resources when it comes to studying (it’s not what you think!) It-Girl money investing tips that most adults WISHED they knew! (And how to get paid for doing nothing!) How to sync up to the seasons of your body to get the max out of life, no matter what! How to arm yourself with confidence and street smarts with these unbeatable online and in-person safety skills The healthy girl’s guide to fitness, sleep, hydration, diet, and more! The easy way to clear out limiting beliefs with only one arm! Tried self-love before, and it didn’t work? Try THIS! How to carry yourself like a real IT-Girl and illuminate every room you walk into! And much, much more… This book is a trusted companion to guide you through your tweens so that you’ll stand tall, knowing deep down that you have all the knowledge you need to conquer a ton of life’s challenges. So, if you want to glow up from the inside out and become independent and unstoppable, then turn the first page because the world is waiting for you!
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