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Losing a Pet by Clara deBeyer

Your beloved pet lived a wonderful, happy life, but nothing could have prepared you to say goodbye. Grieving the loss of a pet is one of the most painful experiences in life and navigating their passing is incredibly difficult. If you are looking for thoughtful advice and practical help for working through your loss, Losing A Pet was written specifically for you. You loved your furry friend and gave them a fantastic life. Whether they've passed or are suffering from illness, you're left with the hardest part: accepting it, honoring their life, and getting yourself through this. With Losing A Pet, you will find helpful guidance for dealing with your pet's passing or illness, managing your heavy emotions throughout the bereavement process, and getting your family through this tough time. The bond you and your family have with your best friend is unbreakable, and your love for them could never disappear. You can make it through this emotional rollercoaster. Inside Losing A Pet, you'll discover: what to do when your pet is suffering from an illness and how to keep them feeling calm and loved throughout their ailing period advice for navigating the euthanasia process and what to know before making this decision how to handle the unexpected loss of your pet and how to best support and comfort your family and yourself afterward guidance on saying a final goodbye and creating a memorial that honors your furry friend's life and all of the wonderful things that made your pet special what you need to understand about handling your emotions after your pet's passing, including how to help your children throughout this difficult time the tips and advice to remember the most important part even amidst the pain: You loved your pet, whether they were a dog, cat, bird, horse, rabbit, or anything else, and they knew it very much! It's possible to navigate your pet's passing in a healthy way—even if it seems impossible right now. You and your family will get through this time. Honor your furry best friend and discover the guidance in Losing A Pet to help mend your pain!
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