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Maddie Makes Money by Sonia Garrett

Maddie is on top of the world. Her adaptation of Cinderella just won Best Stunt Action in the Young Filmmaker of the Year awards! But there’s no time to celebrate—the science fair is approaching, and her friend Ivan’s project is missing that special something. Maddie has just the solution: what if, instead of measuring how far humans can jump, Ivan were to measure how far people can be launched? Of course, tattletale Raquel can’t let Maddie boost Ivan to the top so easily. She’s soon clued in the exasperated Principal Richardson, who promptly clips Maddie’s wings. Maddie may have lost the battle, but she’s determined to win the war—and what better opportunity than the upcoming class play? After exchanging some scathing taunts, Maddie and Raquel settle on a bet: whoever’s play is best gets to order the loser around for a whole month. Maddie will need something special to upstage the wily Raquel . . . and naturally, she has an idea: a dramatization of the Trojan Wars, complete with makeshift chariots, a ton of fake blood, and bickering gods. What could go wrong? Maddie Makes Money marks the return of the cheeky, fearsome Maddie, and is sure to delight mischievous kids while terrifying their wary parents!
Genre: Children's
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