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King Kind and trusty Super Servant Stevie embark on a journey to build a moat around his castle to protect it from intruders and large rodents. To complete this challenging task, King Kind invents and builds an excavator and a dump truck with help from Super Servant Stevie. Those who live in the castle find the new excavator and dump truck rather amusing, and after a feast to celebrate the diggers, King Kind digs his moat. Kids who love diggers, construction trucks and castles will love this story of King Kind and Super Servant Stevie. The people in King Kind's kingdom are enthralled at the building of the excavator. They have never seen anything like the mighty machine that the king is building. The army thinks the excavator will be be used for battle. The peasants believe the excavator is a large rodant that will destroy their crops. Super Servant Stevie despells those fears and informs the people of the kingdom that the excavator will dig dirt to build the moat. While at the feast, the castle dancers make up a special digger dance to celebrate the completion of the excavator. The castle band, 'The Excavators' make up a song called "Dig Dig Digger". The castle chef makes a special dirt colored casserole. And to top off the feast, the bake bakes a dump truck cake for all to enjoy. Enjoy "Medieval Diggers and Dump Trucks" and share it with others.
Genre: Children's
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