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Mermaid of Music by Tevin Hansen

Get ready to put on a show with the Mermaid of Music! A fast-paced, action & adventure chapter book series for children aged 8-11. (A must-read for fans of Magic Tree House.) Uncle Larry’s Antique Shop & Junkyard is a magical world where everything has a price--and nothing is as it seems. In this junkyard adventure, Eli and Grace go on their first visit to the Underwater Academy! After a fast (and wet) ride on some racing seashells, Eli and Grace board a yellow mini submarine that takes them to the bottom of the ocean. Their teacher is Ms. Harmony, a mermaid who can sing, play the piano, and “swim like a fish.” When their music lesson is over, Eli and Grace will have to work together to unlock a musical escape room, then get dressed up for a performance with the other students. Grace helps the orchestra keep a steady beat, while Eli gets to play a $10,000 musical instrument full of water. Eli and Grace will have to put their musical knowledge to the test before they can make it back to Uncle Larry’s Antique Shop & Junkyard --“Once you begin your must finish it. No matter what.” Don’t miss the teachers' favorite, parent-approved and kids' choice series, Junkyard Adventures. The adventure starts here - order now with one click for Kindle or print!
Genre: Children's
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