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Mermaid Stories by Mary K. Smith & Hey Sup Bye Publishing

Mermaid Stories • 5 Fairy Tales of Adventure & Imagination "Mermaid Stories" is a charming and delightful ebook perfect for young girls aged 3-5. Immerse yourself in a world of magic and adventure with 5 adorable short stories about mermaids. Follow the tales of these mystical sea creatures as they embark on exciting journeys, make new friends, and discover the wonders of their underwater kingdom. With cute illustrations and simple, easy-to-read text, this ebook is sure to become a fast favorite for young readers. Give your little one the gift of imagination and wonder with these adorable stories. Perfect for early readers to read aloud and for bedtime stories! 5 cute shorts stories about mermaids Stories are approximately 300 words a piece Perfect for girls ages 3-5
Genre: Children's
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