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More Cheese Please by Lisette Starr

A delightful rhyming story with fun illustrations and a great positive message! A great read out loud picture book to help teach your kids about finding the gift inside every problem. "More Cheese Please" is a magical, whimsical story that they'll love reading and you'll love reading with them! When Zoe the Zebra gets the hicups her magic goes wrong and cheese sandwiches start to appear. Zoe and her friends try desparately to fix the situation but to no avail... But sadly her hiccups showed no sign of slowing and the pile of cheese sandwiches just kept on growing. They needed an answer and really quite soon or the cheese sandwich pile would grow high as the moon. When Zoe and her friends decide to hold a feast and feed all the hungry mice Zoe realizes that what she initially thought was a problem was actually a blessing. "RED BEETLE BOOKS" Following in the great tradition of moral tales, Red Beetle Books are designed to teach important life lessons in a fun and entertaining way.Exploring subjects like sharing, kindness, friendship, understanding differences, facing challenges and adapting to change, Red Beetle Books will help your child develop their emotional intelligence, while fostering a life long love of books and reading. This book is for suitable for children from 3-8 years. If you're looking for fun books with a great message, (that your kids will actually want to read) check out the whole series. "Horses For Courses" -on adapting to change, and developing resilience. "Shog's Best Friends"-on friendship and diversity. "A House for a Mouse" - on kindness, thoughtfulness and empathy. “Martin Makes a Dinosaur Cake"- on problem solving and determination. "A Very Piggle Christmas"- on helping, kindness, and new points of view. ***Visit our website, like us on Facebook and Instagram, join our mailing list, follow us on twitter and be the first to know when new titles are released.
Genre: Children's