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My Adventure On Planet Cool by Yonit Werber

Is your child excited by anything that’s ‘cool’? As parents we need to understand that the word ‘cool’ basically means ‘very good’! In this story a young boy, Damien, and his sister receive gifts from their Mom in the form of some cool stickers! While he places his ‘outer-space’ sticker collection into his own sticker album, one of the alien stickers comes to life and asks Damien to travel with him, back to Planet Cool. Damien agrees and finds himself on a really cool adventure as he explores the planet with his new alien friend, Mish-Mish. However, when Damien realizes that his sister was left behind, suddenly things just… aren’t so cool anymore! Enjoy this wonderfully-illustrated and humorous rhyming story with your children. Not only will they be inspired by the tale; they should also relate to our young boy, Damien, and understand just how special siblings really are.
Genre: Children's