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My Colorful Dinosaur by Jaimie Teindl

Could it be?? Is there actually a prehistoric interloper roaming the Wynter’s house?? When young Macey, a preteen girl with a quick mind, big heart, and a love for all things dinosaurs, wakes up one morning, she’s greeted by a strange new friend. “Oh know, my anxiety has finally gotten the best of me!” she fears. “I’m finally seeing things!” After all, with the pressure of constantly being in a duel of smarts with the class know-it-all Charles, helping out with her younger brother and sister all the while tirelessly trying to lift the spirits of her mom and dad who work way too much, who can blame her? No, for Macey, there’s no time to just be a kid. Fear not, there is hope. This curious new acquaintance of hers isn’t just anyone. He’s wild, he’s exciting, he can…whip up a mean cup of coffee??? Sorry, what?? How does this help poor Macey?? Well, it all starts with a trip to the local natural history museum, one that sets off a sequence of events that must be seen, or read, to be believed. It’s a story 150 million years in the making. One where we circle the globe and travel through time. So, let’s join Macey and her family as they have the adventure of a lifetime!
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