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My Very Punny Dad by Ryan Milligan

*The award-winning children's book all about word play! Teaches kids how language can be a wonderful source of creativity!* My Very Punny Dad is a heartfelt story for parents with an appreciation of word play as well as for kids who are starting to understand all the silly ways in which language can be used. While a young girl goes about her day, her father wants to keep the laughs coming with his constant "dad jokes." But just like snacking on cheese, can all those puns become too much of a gouda thing? Humor through rhythm and rhyme from author Ryan Milligan combine with expert illustrations by Justin Castaneda to create a reading experience that will bring a smile to everyone's face - and perhaps some eye rolls or groans as well. Second Place Winner - The BookFest Awards (Fall 2022), Humor Category Honorable Mention - Royal Dragonfly Awards (2022), Humor Category
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