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Get ready to be transported through time and embark on an epic adventure with Mya, a daring and curious 12-year-old girl, in this captivating new book Mya's Time Travel Adventure: The Case of the Missing Prince! Mya is transported back in time to ancient Egypt, where she must find Pharaoh Khufu's son, Khafre, in just 72 hours. With danger at every turn and history on the line, Mya must race against time to save Khafre and prevent the present world from being changed forever. But Mya won't be alone on this thrilling journey. She'll make new friends, encounter treacherous enemies, and immerse herself in the fascinating culture of ancient Egypt. So, get ready to join Mya on this exhilarating adventure, and discover a world where history comes alive like never before.
Genre: Children's
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