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★*Get a FREE copy of the children's animal coloring book when you purchase any book from the "Nini and the Lost Panda"bear book series! *★ In a pretty village next to a big forest, Nini, a little girl who loves animals, happily lives with her mom and dad. One day, while playing with her friends Ben, George, and Anne, they discover a mysterious cave under an old tree. Curiosity leads them to enter the dark cave and their adventure begins... "A Forest Adventure (Book 1)" is part of "Nini and the Lost Panda" bear book series: ★★★ A heartwarming children's fantasy book that will spark imagination and creativity. ★★★ Written for early readers ages 4 to 9 with simple text and enchanting illustrations on every page. ★★★ Encourages kids to believe in themselves, embrace adventure, and open their hearts to new friends. A perfect book for early readers and children who love adventure stories and bear book series filled with curiosity. ★★★ A magical celebration of friendship, imagination and finding wonder in everyday places. This children's book inspires kids to do great things and promotes kindness. ★★★ Motivates children and families to find adventure in nature and discover the courage that comes from compassion. It features baby animals in the forest. ★★★ The first book in the "Nini and the Lost Panda" Asian children book series. Get your copy of this amazing children's fantasy adventure book today and journey into an unforgettable story of friendship found in a mysterious forest! Magic and adventure await young readers... If you like Nini's story, read more books of the "Nini and the Lost Panda" series to continue her adventure with her friends: - Blackie's Surprise Visit (Book 2) - The Twins (Book 3) - The Runaway Adventurous Crew (Book 4) - The Happy Reunion (Book 5)
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