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"The funniest teacher tribute story yet!" -Ashley, Teacher OH "A hysterical story that EVERY teacher will relate to!" -Ryan, Teacher KS "A phenomenal book to thank teachers!" Joslyn, Parent AZ "A book that will capture EVER child's attention! Brilliant!" Marilynn, Parent TN A group of students cautiously approach their classroom door, as they can hear banging and clanking! They anxiously peek inside! We opened the door with caution, And entered very slow... She whipped around to see us, An eerie smile started to grow! What happened to our teacher!? What made her finally SNAP!? She’s telling us to come towards her, But we feel like it’s a trap! She took her fists of papers, While starring at us with a glare, She started shoveling them into her mouth! Like a great, big, hungry bear! Maybe summer was too short, Or doesn’t get paid what she’s worth…. Maybe Johnny really IS as naughty she claims, And his mom should come back down to Earth! Enjoy this one-of-a-kind hilarious tribute and THANK your child's teacher(s) for all they do for Teacher Appreciation Week this year! Thank you teachers worldwide!
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