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Pants On My Head by Kelley Likes

Do you struggle getting your child dressed every day? Check out this fun and playful way to help your child develop confidence in dressing themselves. Getting dressed shouldn't be hard, but sometimes you have to turn things inside out and upside down. Perfect for parents of young children who are learning to get dressed. Ideal for people who don't mind getting a little silly. Comes with an award for the Best Dresser! Just like yesterday, it's time to get dressed―only today moms and dads are doing it all wrong! Shoes don't belong on your ears! Pants don't belong on your head! It's up to you to show them how to get dressed correctly! I've got your pants on my head. I've got your pants on my head. I've got your shoes, I've got your shoes, I've got your shoes on my ears. From writer Kelley M Likes and illustrator Mary Barrows comes a silly solution to this everyday conundrum. Kids ages: 6 and 7 Grade Level: 1st Early Reader Guided Reading Level E Lexile Score 210L Read it BEFORE you buy it!
Genre: Children's
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