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Ranger Academy by PM Johnson

A wonderful adventure for everyone from middle graders to adults! Enter the Midwald, a world of Magic and Adventure full of remarkable creatures and breathtaking beauty. But there is danger here, too. Can Jack and his friends defeat the forces of darkness and prevent the return of the Tyrant King? Jack Sawyer is a skinny boy, undersized, and as graceful as a giraffe on roller skates. Unnoticed by everyone at Stoneybrook Middle School, except for a trio of bullies and a few fellow misfits, Jack trudges through the school year like it’s a prison sentence. Jack knows many things, like the names of all the state capitals and how to tell an agate from a plain old rock. But there’s much he doesn’t know. For example, he doesn’t know how to shoot sparks by snapping his fingers or ride a galloping horse through the mud and over fences. And he really doesn’t know how to hurl a spear, wield a sword, or track mythical creatures through a magical forest. But that all changes when one day he discovers he can somehow levitate a basketball and send it flying around the school gymnasium. That’s when he feels the Quickening, and with it a whole new world opens up for him. To harness his new abilities, Jack must go to Ranger Academy in a magical place called the Midwald where he spends the whole summer concocting potions, racing horses, tracking fierce creatures, and battling monsters. It will be the summer of a lifetime - if he survives! - "A very exciting adventure. The characters are amazing and fun to get to know." Amazon Reviewer - "A wonderful coming of age story!" Amazon Reviewer
Genre: Children's
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