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You can not do it! You are wasting your time! It is not for you! Familiar? Many of us have ever heard these phrases and often from the closest people. And after such words, we put our dreams on hold for a long time, sometimes even giving them up. Therefore, dependence on the opinions of others, often unflattering, is one of the most inhibiting factors when moving towards the fulfillment of a dream. This book is a good starting point for teaching little readers not to stop believing in a dream, their goals in life, in their mission, no matter what people say around them. They will understand that they can do everything if they want it. Together with the main character, your little boys and girls will learn: Protect their world Protect their dreams and goals Believe in themselves Be purposeful and persistent Do not give up, and listen to your heart Be strong, and achieve your goals Not be afraid of difficulties What you can expect from this book Beautifully illustrated children's book Great and inspiring story with a moral lesson for boys and girls Excellent quality printing Easy to read and understand writing style. Suitable for reading aloud and self-reading Cute and funny illustrations of animals: bear, squirrel, mouse, hare, beaver, wolf, raccoon, and others Who is this book for This children's book is perfect for parents, and grandparents who love to read stories to their little ones This sweet book will be loved by preschool, kindergarten girls and boys, and first graders This illustrated book will be the perfect addition to your child's library collection For boys and girls who have a birthday or other holiday. After all, a book is the best gift of all time! Join Sam, who overcomes various difficulties on the way to his dream. His things don't always go easy and according to plan, but that only makes it more interesting. Who helped Sam fulfill his dream, and who were all the pirates afraid of? Read about it in this short story for kids with a moral lesson. Scroll up and click the Buy Now button to get your copy! (A Perfect Gift Idea) Read less
Genre: Children's