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Sammy the Station Wagon by Tal Nuriel

Sammy the Station Wagon is the inspiring and entertaining story of an awkward young station wagon who has never quite fit in at driving school. However, Sammy's got a golden secret under his hood that even he isn't aware of yet. This story speaks to the fact that kids often aren't aware of the special gifts they have, but once those gifts are revealed, their potential is unleashed! Sammy the Station Wagon will especially resonate with children who have ADHD, anxiety or other conditions that make them atypical or alternative learners. Or with any kids who just generally feel "different" from their peers. In educational terms, Sammy the Station Wagon is the story of a twice exceptional (2e) young student who thinks that he is learning disabled, but is actually gifted and needs guidance on how to utilize those gifts. However, it's also just a fun and uplifting car-related story that all kids will enjoy. Appropriate for ages 4-8.
Genre: Children's