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Sebastian the Kid Detective by Jalen Roddey

Sebastian and Telly are on the case and need YOUR help to solve the mystery! Like stale cheese pizza for lunch, every Middle school is going to have a bit of gossip too. And no lie travels faster than one about the most popular kid in school. When Blakeney's star lacrosse player finds out an embarrassing rumor about him floating around the school halls, he panics and hides away from his own pep rally. With only hours before the big game, what will he do? There's only one option, call on the school's detective duo Sebastian and Telly to find out who's stirring up all the gossip. Written by a mystery lover obsessed with Sherlock and Columbo, this book is filled with all the twists, turns, and laughs you might find from the iconic detectives of the past (with some original flair and style of course). Kids will be more than just readers, but find the sleuth inside as they put their own detective hat on and search for clues, interview suspects, and catch the culprit with the charming and likable Sebastian and Telly! So what are you waiting for? Can you and your young detective lend a hand to Leland by solving the mystery before his big game? He sure needs your help...hurry, before it's too late! *Sebastian the Kid Detective is the perfect kid's mystery book for ages 9-12 and even some younger readers with an advanced reading level
Genre: Children's