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Sleepy Zoo by Luna Lark

"Sleepy Zoo" is a snugly bedtime book for toddlers 1-3, filled with soothing stories of zoo animals winding down for the night. Perfect for little listeners, it blends bedtime routines with gentle nursery rhymes, making it a must-have for bedtime stories and a delightful addition to any collection of kids' books about animals. From elephants sharing end-of-day cuddles to dolphins playing in moonlit waters, each story is a soft lullaby that eases your child into a peaceful sleep. Ideal for parents searching for bedtime books for babies or nursery rhyme books that calm and comfort. *Enjoy heartwarming animal bedtime routines *Cherish this calming, loving bedtime read *Discover a nightly adventure of dreams and cuddles "A staple for peaceful bedtime transitions. It's our go-to for dreamy nights." - Emily "Sleepy Zoo" is your toddler's passport to a night filled with dreams and serenity. Add it to your nightly routine for a touch of magic at bedtime.
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