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Spinning Monkey and the Missing Eggs by Devapreya Selvaraj

This colorful mystery will have readers spinning their minds to discover the Egg Thief! The Rainbow Frogs’ eggs are disappearing one by one until each frog has only one egg left! Join us on a mysterious adventure to find out who took the eggs. Discover how the frogs’ friends each play a special part in saving the last precious eggs and how Spinning Monkey befriends and leads with love and logic. “Such a wonderful and curiously mysterious story. My kids and I were always thinking who could it be? Amazing illustrations and storytelling. The fun at the end of the book is awesome for young ones. Highly recommended!” – Verified Amazon review For kids: Challenge yourself to outsmart the monkey and uncover the egg thief using the Clues before the last egg disappears. Explore the fascinating Life Cycle of Frogs. Did you know? These amphibians resemble fish during the early stages of their birth! Get set to become a Counting Champion! Every time an egg goes missing from the frog's nest, counting them makes you a pro, supercharging your subtraction skills. For parents: Dive into this solve-it-yourself mystery to unleash the detective in your little one, teaching Critical thinking and Problem-solving skills. Elevate family game nights with our screen-free, Energetic Kids' Games! Bring the pages to life and encourage kids to hop, skip, and mimic the delightful movements of animals from the story. Immerse yourself in a tale that not only captivates but also seamlessly incorporates the superpowers of Perseverance, Teamwork, and Friendship. This book nurtures strong social bonds by making helping others the coolest quest in town!
Genre: Children's
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