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STELLA SCOOPS is certain there are people who are up to no good in her neighbourhood. It's a FACT! Or is it? Since the local news won't follow up on the tips she send's them, Stella ambitiously appoints herself reporter of all things strange. She and her best friend, Ana Ash, are on a quest to break news stories that uncover neighbourhood nefariousness. With Stella's nose for news and Ana's creative flair, the pair are determined to keep their friends in the know! Will they find a big breaking news story or big trouble? Their unfolding news story about the suspicious antics of an old lady and her clutter of cats is about to be their biggest ever. Stella uncovers clues that tell them Ms. Bubeck and her evil cats are certainly up to no good - and the children of Royal City are in danger! Follow the excitement of Stella and Ana's unfolding news story of cat-astrophic proportions in this energetic and highly illustrated children's chapter book that humorously explores themes of friendship, perseverance, and the importance of owning up to mistakes. A great read aloud book for adult and child or as a read alone for the more experienced chapter book reader. Ages 7-11.
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