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Sully’s Imagination by Oliver Spark

A Rhyming adventure that will inspire young readers to use their imagination! PIRATES - TIME TRAVEL - DINOSAURS - ALIENS - SEA CREATURES! - This book has it all! Sully was a bored little boy, he couldn’t find anything to do or enjoy. But then everything changed, much to his delight, he was flung into adventure, his imagination alight! From swashbuckling pirates to alien dreams, his storybook is bursting, with fanciful themes! If you have a creative mind, you’ll love his rhyming tale, there’s a secret to discover, one that simply never fails. So come along now dear reader, it’s time to join the fun, turn the page quickly, Sully’s story has just begun. Jam-packed with loveable characters (Friendly Pirates, Dancing Dinosaurs, Cute Sea Turtles, Snoring Aliens) and vivid illustrations, this extra-long children's picture book will both entertain and educate young readers about the many benefits to using their imagination! Great for bedtime stories, classroom reads, or simply a lovely addition to your child's bookshelf. The easy-to-understand rhymes make it perfect for early readers, making reading fun and exciting. A Wonderful Present for Curious Kids. Buy your copy today!
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