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Is your child obsessed with all things outdoors & adventure? Does he or she keep wanting to hear more and more shockingly-cool survival stories? In this book, your wonderful children will discover true tales of perserverence, moments of bravery, and all the positive lessons that come with these feats of greatness. These captivating stories encapsulate values of heroism, looking out for others, doing whatever it takes, and more! Have you been trying to find the perfect gift? Look no further... This book is filled with 22 stories that will make your child wonder.... How would you survive 67 days lost at sea with nothing but a shaky old boat? What would you eat during 11 days lost in the Siberian wilderness? (AS A THREE-YEAR OLD!) How can faith in God save you from a seemingly impossible situation? Why it's so important we look after the animals in our local environment! How is modern technology useful in survival settings? Available in both Kindle & Paperback (Audiobook coming soon!) NOTE: These stories don't contain any gruesome details - perfect for younger readers! So, if your child can't get enough of these incredible survival stories.... Scroll up and click 'Add to Cart' to satisfy their hunger for adventure now!
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