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T-Rex Twins by Daniel Williamson

Did you really think the world's first hug was invented by a human? Follow the T-Rex Twins with their unusual, super long arms on their adventure of self-discovery as they learn that although looking different may initially have its obstacles, their uniqueness can in fact be their greatest strength! An enchanting picture book about the importance of kindness, compassion, finding our place in the world, and how we treat those that are different! A feel-good picture book 65 million years in the making! Upset by the prehistoric views of the other dinosaurs, everything changes for the T-Rex Twins when, in their lowest moment, they comfort each other by inventing the 'WORLD'S FIRST DINO-HUG' and learn to embrace who they truly are. The T-Rex Twins soon realize that some problems can only be solved by dinosaurs with super long arms and once they discover their gift of kindness and warmth, their beautiful characters simply shine through. A beautiful story with a powerful message and the happiest of happy endings! Perfect for all the family!
Genre: Children's