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How can a banana mishap teach your child to share when sharing is not as easy as it seems? Jaxon is bursting with excitement as he dashes through the park, sharing his delicious, ripe bananas. He believes that throwing bananas is a kind thing to do, but as fate would have it, one banana bonks Bentley right on his noggin! Sensing that something isn’t quite right, Jaxon makes a hasty exit into the bushes. It's clear that Jaxon hasn't quite grasped the art of sharing, and Bentley and Toby are determined to show him the way. Will Jaxon finally learn how to share without any more banana bonks? Get ready for some giggles, and surprises, as your child discovers the joys and benefits of sharing. This delightful children's book is brought to life with vibrant and captivating illustrations that will hold your child's attention. Ideal for children aged 4-8, from toddlers to preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary grades, the ‘Inspiring Children’ series is designed to entertain and educate your child through social-emotional themes. Sharing is just the beginning. Other stories include lessons on kindness, resilience, empathy, patience, diversity, inclusion, and acceptance, all perfect for your home library and an excellent addition to any classroom. Add this book to your cart and help your child grow into a more compassionate and thoughtful individual. Help them navigate the world with kindness and understanding, smiles and laughter. Join Bentley’s Club for free activity sheets at Follow Argyro Graphy and Bentley Hippo for more captivating and creative storytelling.
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