"Discover the enchanting world of "The Adventures of Kimie and Kobi - Two Little Owls". As these playful owlets weave their way through the forest, they leave a trail of joy with every random act of kindness. Dive into vibrant illustrations that burst with color and heart. Watch as Kimie and Kobi teach youngsters the profound magic of giving and the boundless rewards of compassion. A delightful tale where mischief meets heart, this book will not only captivate young imaginations but also inspire them to spread kindness in their own special way. Bring home a story of adventure, warmth, and the true spirit of giving!" "Join Kimie and Kobi, the lovable owlets, in a world of kindness and color. Their mischievous adventures bring joy to the forest. This heartwarming tale, brought to life with vibrant illustrations, teaches kids the power of random acts of kindness. A wonderful journey of sharing and fulfillment awaits!" "Kimie and Kobi, the lovable owlets, light up hearts with kindness in this enchanting tale. Discover the joy of giving!" "Kimie & Kobi's colorful adventures teach kids the magic of kindness. Dive into a heartwarming world where giving warms hearts!
ISBN: 9798891450202
Genre: Children's
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